Welcome. This blog came alive one day at Wesleyan University when a group of friends were talking about what they liked most in writing. There wasn’t much agreement, but there was a clear consensus that a great story didn’t need to be anything of epic proportions. We decided that 200 of the right words were worth more than 10,000 unnecessary ones. The challenge was posed then: write short-short stories and make them provocative.

Thus FicShun was created–a site dedicated to those who want full, quality stories, but who might not have time to sit down with Dickens or Faulkner every afternoon.

My name is Chris, and I’ll be doing most of the posting. I’m currently a senior at Wesleyan University and working on my first novel under the tutelage of Paula Sharp, a great writer who you should all check out. When you submit pieces, I will also be the one giving suggestions. Since, as you just read, I have limited experience, I hope this will be an educational and constructive experience for all involved.

We’re just trying to spread the word about a fun and exciting project. So check out the site. Bookmark it. Read. Sign up for the daily email. And submit. We’re always looking for new material, and we hope to turn the blog into an actual publication at some point. See the guidelines on the site.

Best and Happy Writing,



1 Response to “About FicShun”

  1. 1 Paul Brazill February 27, 2009 at 03:16

    Great idea. You’ll be hearing from me again!

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